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July 11, 2017

Yes! The title is exactly what this blog post is about. If you enjoy looking at fluffy puppers (or my face) read on!


So when I was travelling across North America, I noticed there were a great many dogs, and 99% of which were absolutely adorable. 


I have a thing for fluffy animals, and dogs are by far the easiest to photograph standing still. I mean, cats don't move but they tend to like random people in their face a lot less than dogs. And don't get me started on bunnies. Mainly because people don't walk their bunnies = less chances of an encounter.


The photos aren't the sharpest because subjects were low-resolution (geddit? Fuzzy?), but I'm there's plenty to enjoy.


So firstly, a special mention to Pepper, who has been our travel companion, and lap warmer:


Pepper, Los Angeles - Terrier Mix

Aww, tired baby. 
























Look at his little excited face, and his little pawsiesss awwwwwww


Taiyoga, San Francisco - Chowtreiver

Here's me contemplating how to steal the bundle of floof. 


It didn't work out because Taiyoga weighs more than me. And at 5' 3", I know I can't outrun her 6' 3" owner.


Unknown pupper, San Francisco - Husky Mix?

I stalked this bundle of fluff in a dog friendly bar. A happy selfie ensued, followed by many pats.  


Unknown cat, Portland

I saw him/her sitting on a table outside a cafe, and had to say hi. Very soft and floofy. Also not a dog but that's ok.


Max, Seattle - Poodle mix

He was a very good boy.


Unknown, Sunshine Coast - Chowchow






















He might have actually been a bear. Who knows? No confirmation as of yet.


Morty, Vancouver - Big Floof

For some reason Morty looks genuinely worried in this photo.


Morty was another dog that weighed more than me. I am betting that the fluff weight was 50% of his body weight.


Unknown pupper, Austria

Another pupper looking worried, possibly due to a malicious looking Emily in the background.


Bonus: Confluence of Puppers

Ying and Yang sniffing commencing.

Isn't the Australian Shepherd adorable? 


I couldn't do a selfie with the Shepherd as he had some anxiety issues. Would make eye contact with human and then bork aggressively. 9/10 would still attempt to pat.


Doge, Unknown - Shiba Inu

Technically not a selfie, but still. LONG LIVE THE DOGE.





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