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Reflections, Post-NorAm

Just like that, my NorAm trip is over - 2.5 months exploring the West Coast of North America, and I've begun the Eurotour, en route to Romania. Thought it was an appropriate post as I close in on the 1 year anniversary of our departure from the motherland.

I spent some time putting my NorAm travels into perspective (note only main routes were counted). My journey looked a little like this.

Leg 1 - Mini trip to the desert, and finally leaving LA for the Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon and the Central Coast Up 'n' Down Freeride.

Leg 2 - Santa Maria - Santa Cruz - Mountain View - Yosemite National Park - San Francisco - Portland - Medford - Portland - Maryhill Loops Road - Portland

Leg 3 - Portland - Seattle - Abbotsford, Penticton, Harrison Hot Springs, Golden Ears Provincial Park - Vancouver - Sunshine Coast (not pictured!)

Crazy huh?

Life is pretty crazy. A year ago, I learned that we had the opportunity to move halfway across the world to Switzerland. We didn’t hesitate to say yes. Since then I've competed in the European leg of the international downhill federation races and placed 6th in the world, made 3 round trips around the world, visited over 20 countries. Ups and downs, but far more good times than the bad.

Epic times on the road.

I have made many friends, experienced so many cultures, and tasted what skate culture is – that you always have family, in the form of skaters around the world who will open their houses to you. That is really special.

I want to thank everyone that’s made my travels amazing. I can’t thank all of you personally but you know who you are – you’ve fed and housed me, or just shown kindness and friendship. We’ve shared moments and that means a lot.

I’ve learned a lot about myself. And travelling. Like, you should always bring a sleeping mat and thermals (thanks Rachel and Niels, for lending me sleeping mats when required).

And that you should always bring warm clothing, because if you’re camping ANYWHERE, it’s probably going to get cold. Deserts have been one of the coldest places I’ve slept.

Also, as a Kiwi, I have learned that you shouldn’t touch random things. New Zealand doesn’t really prepare you for animals that bite, or seriously hurt you with venom. It doesn’t even prepare you for seeing mammals that aren’t cats or dogs.

I’ve learned that you can learn to adapt and get by. It depends on what you’re willing to accept.

And above all, I am grateful. Yes, I could say I’ve worked hard to get here, but really what I have is a sum total of what my parents, my husband have, and my efforts to this date.

I'm looking forward to what the Eurotour and what the rest of the year brings.

Thank you to my friends and family. You've been awesome. And to David too, the best significant other. I love you all.

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