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Next Port of Call - Portland

I had heard a number of things about Portland:

1) They were exceedingly hipster (i.e. had great coffee)

2) It was really, really rainy.

Both I found to be very, very true. We experienced one day of great weather out of the week we were in Portland.

Portland was our first port (geddit?) of call on our way up, and our stop before Maryhill, in between Medford and just before Seattle. Special thanks to Gabe (owner of the Polyboards Project) for letting us girls totally take over a whole level of your house. And sorry about Pepper the Pupper pooping on your rug.

Can I haz all the gear plz - inside the Polyboards Boardshop.

Portland happens a very strong craft beer culture, centered around sours. That wasn't really my cup of tea (huehuehue). I did however enjoy the ice cream at Salt & Straw!

The line extends out of the door on the best of days, but it was worth the wait for fancy flavours like blue cheese and pear.

The customer service was pretty epic - they encouraged us to try all the flavours we wanted (we had a taster of them all), and in the end the lady who was servicing us said she enjoyed talking to us so much that one of our ice-creams was on the house! We left a pretty big tip in return.

There was also a lot of cool street art, which dominated the area we visited.

These two pictures were the on the same piece of art. Just different viewing angles.

"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself." Inspirational...but not the most accurate.

We met up with a skater friend who worked at Adidas North America, which was based in Portland. And we got a cool as tour of the building and checked out their employee shop!

Post shopping, and on the way to the office buildings.

Inside the office building.

We also got to see some 2018 merchandise. Super cool, but obviously no pictures.

This circular building houses Adidas' gym. So in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, you can people watch while you run on the treadmill.

A giant shoe outside the Adidas headquarters. Makes sense.

And finally, their underground skate ramps. Wicked cool. Thanks Cindy for the tour of the premises!

In between Portland and Seattle we did some skateboarding at the famed Maryhill Loops.

We're here!

So things got pretty wild. See if you can spot me? Photo cred: Jon-Erik Slotte

Here's a link to a raw run of the above pack run!

Loads of tight pack runs! Photo cred: Dylan Pierce

Such a great weekend.

And with that weekend ending we went back to Portland to do more touristy things. But again - rain and more rain! Thank goodness for hipster attractions.

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