Reflections, Post-NorAm

Just like that, my NorAm trip is over - 2.5 months exploring the West Coast of North America, and I've begun the Eurotour, en route to Romania. Thought it was an appropriate post as I close in on the 1 year anniversary of our departure from the motherland. I spent some time putting my NorAm travels into perspective (note only main routes were counted). My journey looked a little like this. Leg 1 - Mini trip to the desert, and finally leaving LA for the Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon and the Central Coast Up 'n' Down Freeride. Leg 2 - Santa Maria - Santa Cruz - Mountain View - Yosemite National Park - San Francisco - Portland - Medford - Portland - Maryhill Loops Road - Portland Leg 3 - Portland

Next Port of Call - Portland

I had heard a number of things about Portland: 1) They were exceedingly hipster (i.e. had great coffee) 2) It was really, really rainy. Both I found to be very, very true. We experienced one day of great weather out of the week we were in Portland. Portland was our first port (geddit?) of call on our way up, and our stop before Maryhill, in between Medford and just before Seattle. Special thanks to Gabe (owner of the Polyboards Project) for letting us girls totally take over a whole level of your house. And sorry about Pepper the Pupper pooping on your rug. Can I haz all the gear plz - inside the Polyboards Boardshop. Portland happens a very strong craft beer culture, centered around sours.

Boosting Around San Francisco

One of our stops on our way North was the great city of San Francisco. Having heard a tonne about it (and having watched Full House while growing up), we stopped and stayed at a friend's place in Silicon Valley. They lived at a lovely place, on a street with many beautiful dogs. They also happened to own a Chowtriever (Chow x Golden Retriver), who was quite the alpha female. Very fluffy, would 10/10 steal*. Meet the floofy Taiyoga (and my freshly washed face). We felt super short in the flat - they had 4 flatmates of which the shortest was 6 foot 3. Things in this house were perched where no average man (or woman) would be able to reach. Two of the flatmates at the house worked for Boosted B