The Desert and the Depths - Mojave & Grand Canyon

The first leg of our journeys take us to the Mojave Desert. To avoid the LA traffic jams, we leave later in the day and finally arrive at the Mojave late at night. I exit the car – dunes to my left, and tall cinder cones to my right in the distance, illuminated by the moonlight, hardy desert trees casting moonlit shadows. Those moments when peace comes over you as you stare at the stars; this was one of them. I tried my hand at night photos, given my Huawei had a manual mode. They turned out pretty well! The glow in the distance is due to light pollution from Las Vegas. Considering that Las Vegas was more than 160km away, it was incredible that the light pollution reached this far. The mound

The Best Hill I've Ever Skated*

*Disclaimer: it was a closed road, and I have yet to skate a lot of roads. We managed to get a 360° video of Rachel and I skating down one of the best roads ever. Click the screen to change the viewpoint. Tip: you'll have to click around to face the camera forward ;). Can you guess who's who? Thank you to Gabriel Shin of Polyboards Boardshop for following and filming us down the run! This was one of the best events I've had the privilege to attend and I wholly recommend it, because it will be held again next year! It ran very smoothly, apart from some early rain on the first day. There was a taco truck for lunch, a coffee sponsor (I know right???), and the campsite was at the bottom of the h

California Dreamin'

I've been in the USA for 3 weeks now, and we've now officially hit the road to begin our 2 month journey up the West Coast of North America! We are currently on the road to a skate event in Santa Maria. That's what you get from driving on a 4 wheel drive only road. It's been a bit of a whirlwind journey. The USA is so familiar in many ways, and so different in many others. They are as friendly as Kiwis. And honestly, the accent really makes me feel like I'm running around in a sitcom. Things I have learned so far: - Everyone loves a good ol' Kiwi accent - LA is a huge melting pot of cultures. The Mexican and Jewish influence on culture is strong - Traffic jams in LA are the norm - I love egg